Wirth Jakob

M.Sc. - Information Systems

Since September 2014 Jakob Wirth is a PhD student at the Department of Information Systems and Services at the University of Bamberg. There he also graduated in information systems. Mr Wirth is member of the team for the CHRIS research project (Centre of Human Resources and Information Systems). In this project Mr Wirth focuses on the application of information systems in the area of employee recruiting and also on the behavior of applicants. He is co author of the studies Recruiting Trends and Bewerbungspraxis.

The main research of Mr Wirth lies in the area of privacy of individuals in the context of information systems. Mr Wirth is especially using theories such as the privacy calculus or the privacy paradox to gain a more comprehensive overview about individual privacy. Mainly Mr Wirth is using data from interviews, literature analyses and empirical studies.

In his teaching activity Mr Wirth has been responsible for the class Scientific Working in Information Systems. Now he is responsible for the tutorials for ISDL-ECM-B Enterprise Content Management as well as ISDL-eFin-B Electronic Finance. In addition, Mr Wirth supervises seminar papers as well as bachelor and master theses.